Seagriculture Speaker

Seagriculture Asia-Pacific

8 - 9 February 2023


Resilient offshore seaweed mariculture using marine permaculture deepwater irrigation to address climate disruptions

Dr. Brian Von Herzen, Executive Director, Climate Foundation, Australia

About the speaker: 

Dr. Brian von Herzen founded and leads the Climate Foundation, which is working on regenerative interventions in seas and soils to provide food security not only for humanity but also for marine ecosystems.  


With the deepest moored seaweed platform on the planet, at 350m depth, marine Permaculture deepwater irrigation not only restores seaweed production 11 months of the year but also enables measurement of the quarter of seaweed that falls off the platforms during growth and sinks 1000m/day to the abyssal seafloor, where it can remain for centuries, ensuring a stream of carbon removals along with the improved seaweed production offshore, which is applicable in all marine locations more than 100m deep.


1) When was the first time you got involved with seaweeds and why?

We first started working with algae directly in 2007 to understand its carbon fixing potential 

2) What is your view on the Asia-Pacific seaweed industry in 2030?

We should plan to scale the markets for seaweed, especially in food security globally that is totally resilient to cyclones, typhoons and marine heat waves.  That will likely require deepwater irrigation at lower latitudes for many species to address the increasing climate disruptions. 

3) What will you be talking about at Seagriculture Asia-Pacific 2023?

We will be talking about hurricane-proven offshore seaweed mariculture and deepwater irrigation to address the climate disruptions to come and ensure resilient operations and growth.